Luaka Bop
Latin, Tropicalia, MPB, Brazilian Pop, Brazilian Traditions

Album Review

A cofounder of the tropicalista movement with Veloso, Gil, Bethania, et al., Zé has faded into obscurity as his music becomes more and more experimental and eccentric. This is by far the best Brazilian recording I've ever heard (caveat emptor!), partly because of the gentleness of Zé's weirdness and partly because he sounds so Brazilian even as the other tropicalistas come to associate "avant-garde" with increasingly Pan American pop-soup.
Carl Hoyt, Rovi

Track Listing

  1. Ma
  2. Oriso E a Faca (The Smile and the Knife)
  3. Toc [Instrumental]
  5. Um "Oh! E Um "Ah! "
  6. Ul! (Você Inventa)
  7. Cademar
  8. Só (Solidão)
  9. Hein? (Huh)
  10. Augusta, Angélica, E Consolação
  11. Dói
  12. Complexo de Épico
  13. A Felicidade (Happiness)
  14. Vai (Menina Amanhá de Manhá)
  15. Nave Maria
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