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Reggae, Dancehall

Album Review

Another of four Macka-B Ariwa/Ras sessions issued in 1990, this one took vicious swipes at upper and upper-middle-class blacks worldwide, although much of what he bemoans in the title track would probably would apply more to African-Americans than any other group. His rhetoric gets incendiary at times, skirting the lines of racism (or at least anti-white venom) on "Hole In The Atmosphere." But he also includes universal themes in "Human Rights," "Respect Our Mothers," and "We Love The Children." He's more strident and forceful on these nine tracks, and although still not the most exciting DJ, Macka-B was an effective protest voice on this release.
Ron Wynn, Rovi

Track Listing

  1. Buppie Culture
  2. Dread a Who She Love
  3. Food Scandal
  4. Respect Our Mothers
  5. Coconut
  6. We Love the Children
  7. Hole in the Atmosphere
  8. Human Rights
  9. Who Are the Terrorist?
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