Reggae, Dancehall

Album Review

Macka-B was one of the busier toaster/DJs on Ariwa's roster in 1990, issuing at least four sessions that found their way to these shores. This six-cut outing started curiously with "Indian Girl." It was unclear whether Macka-B was advocating or attacking interracial romance, immigration practices and political/cultural preferences, as he mixed and blurred his metaphors and message. Other songs, notably "False Preacher," "Apartheid" and the title track, were much clearer, while "Big Mack" was the disc's lone silly song/novelty tune. Macka-B has an easily understandable style...
Ron Wynn, Rovi

Track Listing

  1. Indian Chick
  2. One for Jah
  3. Big Mack
  4. We've Had Enough!
  5. False Preacher
  6. Apartheid
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