June 05, 2007
Rhythm & Blues, Smooth Soul, Soul, Philly Soul

Album Review

This two-fer from Raven features a pair of out of print LPs by soul singer Billy Paul: Going East and War of the Gods, originally issued on Philadelphia International in 1971 and 1973, respectively. Highlights among the 15 tracks include "East," "Thanks for Saving My Life," and cover versions of Steppenwolf's "Magic Carpet Ride" and the Les McCann/Eddie Harris hit "Compared to What."
Al Campbell, Rovi

Track Listing

  1. East
  2. (If You Let Me Make Love to You Then) Why Can't I Touch You?
  3. This Is Your Life
  4. Jesus Boy (You Only Look Like a Man)
  5. Magic Carpet Ride
  6. I Wish It Were Yesterday
  7. Compared to What
  8. Love Buddies
  9. There's a Small Hotel
  10. I See the Light
  11. War of the Gods
  12. The Whole Town's Talking
  13. I Was Married
  14. Thanks for Saving My Life
  15. Peace Holy Peace