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Pop/Rock, Dub, Experimental, Electro, Club/Dance

Album Review

It is more than a little disingenuous to refer to this as a Keith LeBlanc album. While his considerable drumming skills and compositional abilities are major parts of why this record is good, there are many other similarly important contributions made by Adrian Sherwood's Tackhead gang (including Sherwood himself). That said, Major Malfunction is a wild, multifaceted piece of contemporary music that welds hard rock onto reggae onto musique concrete. With vocal sampling including everything from Apollo control to Margaret Thatcher, this is a complex, but extremely satisfying work. Avoid if your taste in music (or in Tackhead recordings) doesn't run to the extreme end of experimental.
John Dougan, Rovi

Track Listing

  1. Get This/Major Malfunction/Heaven on Earth/Object-Subject (Breakdown's
  2. I'll Come up With Something/Move/Technology Works Dub/You Drummers ...
  3. Mad Years [*]
  4. Object-Subject (Breakdown's Not Enough)
  5. I'll Come up With Something
  6. Move
  7. Technology Works Dub
  8. You Drummers Listen Good
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