Varèse Sarabande
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Scores from four episodes of the TV series Star Trek ("I, Mudd," "The Enemy Within, " "Spectre of the Gun, " and "Conscience of the King") are given symphonic treatments.
Jonathan Ball, Rovi

Track Listing

  1. Main Title and Closing Theme
  2. By Any Other Name: Neutralizer/Kelvan Theme/More Neutralizers/Broken
  3. By Any Other Name: Rojan's Revenge/Rojan's Blocks/Pretty Words/Rojan'
  4. The Trouble With Tribbles: A Matter of Pride/No Tribble at All/Big Fi
  5. Mirror, Mirror: Mirror, Mirror/Black Ship Theme/The Agonizer/Meet Mar
  6. Mirror, Mirror: Black Ship Tension/Goodbye Marlena/Short Curtain
  7. The Empath: Enter Gem/Kirk Healed
  8. The Empath: Vian Lab/The Subjects/Cave Exit/Star Trek Chase
  9. The Empath: Help Him/Spock Stuck/Mccoy Tortured
  10. The Empath: Time Grows Short
  11. The Empath: Vian's Farewell/Empath Finale
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