March 11, 2008
Pop/Rock, Punk Revival, Punk-Pop, CCM, Alternative CCM, Christian Punk, Alternative/Indie Rock, Contemporary Christian

Album Review

So, is MxPx's The Ultimate Collection, well, ultimate? It depends on perspective. There are no weak songs on either of the discs, and it does include many of the band's singles ("Chick Magnet," "Punk Rawk Show," and "Money Tree," to name a few), but the compilation isn't comprehensive. The songs included are from the band's earlier albums such as Teenage Politics and Life in General, as well the 2006 Deluxe Edition of Let it Happen and 2007's Secret Weapon. However, there is nothing from the albums that the band released in between -- songs from Slowly Going the Way of the Buffalo, The Ever Passing Moment, and Before Everything & After didn't make the cut. It's a strange omission, and one that doesn't make much sense -- there's plenty of room for more. Still, the songs that are present do a good job of capturing MxPx's upbeat nature, so perhaps it's a matter of quality over quantity. In the end, The Ultimate Collection could be a disappointment for longtime followers who were hoping for a bit more frills, but new or casual fans will probably find that it suits their needs just fine.
Katherine Fulton, Rovi

Track Listing

  1. Secret Weapon
  2. Do Your Feet Hurt
  3. GSF
  4. Teenage Politics
  5. Chick Magnet
  6. Role Remodeling
  7. Punk Rawk Show
  8. Dolores
  9. Middle Name
  10. Want Ad
  11. Doing Time
  12. Today Is in My Way
  13. Do & Don't
  14. Small Town Minds
  15. Study Humans
  16. Money Tree
  17. The Opposite of Intellect
  18. Americanism
  19. New York to Nowhere
  20. Sugarcoated Poison Apple
  21. You're on Fire
  22. The Wonder Years
  23. Southbound
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