March 11, 2008
TDRS Music
Avant-Garde, Guitar Virtuoso, Experimental, Fusion, Progressive Metal, Funk Metal, Experimental Rock, Art Rock

Album Review

It turns out that there are many facets to the weird 'n' wacky Buckethead. While he's best known as a shredder, he also has a taste for the experimental, as evidenced by his collaborations with Viggo Mortensen. On the duo's 2003 collaboration, Pandemonium from America, those expecting six-string shenanigans will be disappointed. However, if you're interested in hearing how Buckethead fits his guitar to minimalist compositions and spoken word detours, then this is certainly worth a listen. You'll find some ambient guitar work on "Holyhead," folky plucking on "Fall of Troy," country licks on "Red River Valley," and even a vocal cameo from none other than Elijah Wood on the album closer, "Half Fling." Again, if you're looking for a Buckethead release that puts his shredding chops front and center, Pandemonium from America is not the album for you. But for evidence that there is more to this mysterious guitarist than what meets the eye, his work with Mortensen will offer some sonic proof., Rovi

Track Listing

  1. Den Gang Jeg Drog Afsted
  2. Back to Babylon
  3. Pademoniumfromamerica
  4. Gone
  5. They Ate Your Family
  6. I Want Mami
  7. Red River Valley
  8. Leave It
  9. Holyhead
  10. Fall of Troy
  11. Shadow
  12. Cuba on Paper
  13. Maybe
  14. Half Fling