Good Time Jazz
Jazz, Ragtime, Stride, Piano Jazz, Jazz Instrument

Album Review

Burt Bale's testament to Jelly Roll Morton has numbers such as "Wild Man Blues," "New Orleans Joys," and "Midnight Mama," backed with Paul Lingle's mixed bag of W.C. Handy and Morton's blues and stomps, including "Memphis Blues" and "Black Bottom Stomp" (1953).
Bruce Boyd Raeburn, Rovi

Track Listing

  1. Temptation Rag
  2. Wild Man Blues
  3. Mister Joe
  4. Kansas City Man Blues
  5. Chicago Breakdown
  6. Melancholy
  7. New Orleans Joys
  8. Midnight Mama
  9. Yellow Dog Blues
  10. Pastime Rag, No. 3
  11. London Blues
  12. Blame It on the Blues
  13. Memphis Blues
  14. Sweet Substitute
  15. Sidewalk Blues
  16. Black Bottom Stomp
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