October 07, 2008
Tesla Electric
Pop/Rock, Hard Rock, Heavy Metal, Hair Metal

Album Review

There was never much separating Tesla from the rest of the melodic metallists that ruled MTV and radio during the late '80s -- from a musical standpoint. Although to their credit, Tesla never dolled themselves up in make-up and mile-high hair, as these gentlemen always favored shirts and jeans over spandex. But musically, they certainly fit in with the aforementioned genre. By the time of their eighth studio effort overall, 2008's Forever More, the group is still following the same formula they've been favoring since the beginning -- slightly heavier than a mainstream rock band, but not as heavy as a true metal band. Case in point, such rockers as the album opening title track, "One Day at a Time," and "The Game," which could have easily fit on earlier Tesla albums, as well as more mellow ditties as "So What!," and tracks that fall somewhere between the rock and the mellow ("Pvt. Ledbetter," "In a Hole Again," etc.). Tesla play it safe on Forever More, and as a result, come up with an album that stands up well against their popular earlier efforts.
Greg Prato, Rovi

Track Listing

  1. Forever More
  2. I Wanna Live
  3. One Day at a Time
  4. So What!
  5. Just in Case
  6. Fallin' Apart
  7. Breakin' Free
  8. All of Me
  9. The First Time
  10. PVT. Ledbetter
  11. In a Hole Again
  12. The Game
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