January 13, 1991
Jazz, Big Band, Dixieland, New Orleans Jazz, Swing, Early Jazz

Album Review

Alongside Robert Parker's excellent compilations on ABC, this import disc of late-'20s highlights qualifies as one of the best ways to dive into some classic jazz. Giving up a side's worth of material to Earl Hines and Tiny Parnham, the mix also includes two cuts apiece by the Missourians, Charlie Johnson, Jungle Town Stompers, and Musical Stevedores. And while the early incarnation of Hines' big band is impressive, the real highlights come by way of the Missourians' flag-waver "Ozark Mountain Blues" and the Stompers' beautifully arranged "African Jungle"; the fine banjo player Elmer Snowden is featured with both the Stompers and Musical Stevedores. A top-notch trip back to the land of the Charleston.
Stephen Cook, Rovi

Track Listing

  1. Sweet Ella May
  2. Everybody Loves My Baby
  3. Blue Nights
  4. A Monday Date
  5. Chicago Rhythm
  6. Good Little, Bad Little You
  7. Beau Koo Jack
  8. Jungle Crawl
  9. Dixieland Doin's
  10. Cathedral Blues
  11. Black Cat Moan
  12. Nervous Tension
  13. Ozark Mountain Blues
  14. Market Street Stomp
  15. You Ain't the One
  16. The Boy in the Boat
  17. African Jungle
  18. Slow As Molasses
  19. Happy Rhythm
  20. Honeycomb Harmony