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Jazz, Crossover Jazz, Jazz-Pop, Smooth Jazz, Quiet Storm, Contemporary Jazz, Jazz Instrument, Guitar Jazz

Album Review

In search of more platinum, Benson turned to one-time Atlantic Records ace producer Arif Mardin for support. Yet Mardin's best days seemed to be behind him, as this mostly routine package of period R&B backbeats, synthesizer rhythm tracks, and love songs indicates. Any competent soul vocalist could have fit in comfortably here. For jazz fans, Benson's albums at this point became a search for buried treasure, for his guitar time was extremely limited. But when you do encounter a Benson solo, hang on tight. "Love Will Come Again," otherwise a routine soul bumper, concludes with a magnificent solo in octaves that Wes Montgomery would have envied, breathtaking in its economy and swing. Also, check out the instrumental "In Search of a Dream" for proof that George Benson could still burn.
Richard S. Ginell, Rovi

Track Listing

  1. Feel Like Making Love
  2. Inside Love (So Personal)
  3. Lady Love Me (One More Time)
  4. Love Will Come Again
  5. In Your Eyes
  6. Never Too Far to Fall
  7. Being with You
  8. Use Me
  9. Late at Night
  10. In Search of a Dream
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