November 17, 2009
Sony BMG
Pop/Rock, Hard Rock, Soft Rock, Contemporary Pop/Rock, Album Rock, Adult Contemporary, Arena Rock

Album Review

This “three-fer” from Sony/BMG includes three complete albums from the Champaign, Illinois classic rock icons, including 1986’s Ridin’ the Storm Out, 1989’s Good Trouble, and 1990’s Nine Lives, only the first of which includes any of their more notable hits.
James Christopher Monger, Rovi

Track Listing

  1. Heavy on Your Love
  2. Drop It (An Old Disguise)
  3. Only the Strong Survive
  4. Easy Money
  5. Rock & Roll Music
  6. Take Me
  7. I Need You Tonight
  8. Meet Me on the Mountain
  9. Back on the Road Again
  10. Keep the Fire Burnin'
  11. Sweet Time
  12. Girl with the Heart of Gold
  13. Every Now and Then
  14. I'll Follow You
  15. The Key
  16. Back in My Heart Again
  17. Let's Be-Bop
  18. Stillness of the Night
  19. Good Trouble
  20. Ridin' the Storm Out
  21. Whisky Night
  22. Oh Woman
  23. Find My Fortune
  24. Open Up
  25. Movin'
  26. Son of a Poor Man
  27. Start a New Life
  28. It's Everywhere
  29. Without Expression (Don't Be That Man)