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Album Review

Boo Hewerdine previously fronted a band called The Bible. His solo album Ignorance reveals a fragile, emotive, and articulate voice, with mostly acoustic arrangements that lean to melancholy and introspective lyrics. With the exception of rousing closer "History," electric guitars accent, rather than drive, the material.
Roch Parisien, Rovi

Track Listing

  1. I Remember/The Ship Song
  2. 59 Yds
  3. Sweet Invisible
  4. Swan Silvertone
  5. Touched
  6. Little Bits of Zero
  7. 16 Miles
  8. Gravity
  9. Ignorance
  10. A Slow Divorce
  11. History
  12. The Ghost of Johnny Ray
  13. Liberty Horses
  14. Talk Me Down
  15. The Ghost of Summer Walking
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