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Album Review

Collecting the Cars' first five albums into one set, this collection features many of the band's essential songs, including "Just What I Needed," "Moving in Stereo," "You're All I've Got Tonight," and "Drive." For anyone interested in purchasing the bulk of the band's output in one fell swoop, this set offers an easy option.
Heather Phares, Rovi

Track Listing

  1. Good Times Roll
  2. My Best Friend's Girl
  3. Just What I Needed
  4. I'm in Touch with Your World
  5. Don't Cha Stop
  6. You're All I've Got Tonight
  7. Bye Bye Love
  8. Moving in Stereo
  9. All Mixed Up
  10. Let's Go
  11. Since I Held You
  12. It's All I Can Do
  13. Double Life
  14. Shoo Be Doo
  15. Candy-O
  16. Night Spots
  17. You Can't Hold on Too Long
  18. Lust for Kicks
  19. Got a Lot on My Head
  20. Dangerous Type
  21. Panorama
  22. Touch and Go
  23. Gimme Some Slack
  24. Don't Tell Me No
  25. Getting Through
  26. Misfit Kid
  27. Down Boys
  28. You Wear Those Eyes
  29. Running to You
  30. Up and Down
  31. Since You're Gone
  32. Shake It Up
  33. I'm Not the One
  34. Victim of Love
  35. Cruiser
  36. A Dream Away
  37. This Could Be Love
  38. Think It Over
  39. Maybe Baby
  40. Hello Again
  41. Looking for Love
  42. Magic
  43. Drive
  44. Stranger
  45. You Might Think
  46. It's Not the Night
  47. Why Can't I Have You
  48. I Refuse
  49. Heartbeat City