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Album Review

Roxette's debut album, issued in late 1986, is a portrait of a band in its formative stages. Both Per Gessle and Marie Fredriksson had previously pursued solo careers in their native Sweden, and Pearls of Passion was the band's attempt at international stardom. It was preceded in the summer by a very '80s pop single called "Everlasting Love," which became the band's first bonafide least within Sweden. When the album was released later that year, things were much the same; while the album was a hit in Sweden, the rest of the world failed to pay much attention at all. And listening to the album, it's not that hard to tell why: nothing here is bad, but it lacks nearly all of the elements that made albums like Joyride and Look Sharp into massive hits just a few years later. Roxette's most intriguing qualities are that they are a pop band that can rock and that Gessle is a crack songwriter that almost never produces a bad tune. Here, however, there's a lot of dry material and a lot of undistinguishable dance-pop. Their trademark gritty guitars are completely absent, and what results is really only three great songs: "Soul Deep" (which was later re-recorded for Joyride, "Everlasting Love," and the magnificent "Secrets That She Keeps." The rest, however, is of significant interest only to serious fans. (A 1997 reissue of the album includes eight bonus tracks, new album packaging, and liner notes from Per Gessle himself.)
Jason Damas, Rovi

Track Listing

  1. Soul Deep
  2. Secrets That She Keeps
  3. Goodbye to You
  4. I Call Your Name
  5. Surrender
  6. Voices
  7. Neverending Love
  8. Call of the Wild
  9. Joy of a Toy
  10. From One Heart to Another
  11. Like Lovers Do
  12. So Far Away
  13. Pearls of Passion [*]
  14. It Must Have Been Love [Christmas for the Broken Hearted][*]
  15. Turn to Me [*]
  16. Neverending Love [Tits & Ass Demo/1986][*]
  17. Secrets That She Keeps [Tits & Ass Demo/1986][*]
  18. I Call Your Name [Montezuma Demo/26.07.86][*]
  19. Neverending Love [Frank Mono-Mix/1987][*]
  20. I Call Your Name [Frank Mono-Mix/1987][*]