June 15, 2010
Hoo Doo Records
Rhythm & Blues, Early R&B

Album Review

This reissue from Hoo Doo Records combines two Little Willie John albums, Mister Little Willie John and Talk to Me, both released in 1958. The 28 tracks include four bonus cuts: "Fever," "Do Something for Me," "All Around the World," and "Letter from My Darling." Casual listeners should pick up The Very Best of Little Willie John on Collectables before delving into these recordings.
Al Campbell, Rovi

Track Listing

  1. You're a Sweetheart
  2. Let's Rock While the Rockin's Good
  3. Look What You've Done to Me
  4. Home at Last
  5. Are You Ever Coming Back
  6. Don't Leave Me My Dear
  7. All My Love Belongs to You
  8. Spasms
  9. Will the Sun Shine Tomorrow
  10. You Got to Get Up Early in the Morning
  11. A Little Bit of Loving
  12. Why Don't You Haul Off and Love Me
  13. Talk to Me, Talk to Me
  14. I've Been Around
  15. Drive Me Home
  16. I'll Carry Your Love Wherever I Go
  17. No More in Life
  18. Uh Uh Baby
  19. Person to Person
  20. Until You Do
  21. Tell It Like It Is
  22. Don't Be Ashamed to Call My Name
  23. If I Thought You Need Me
  24. There Is Someone in This World for Me
  25. Fever [*]
  26. Do Something for Me [*]
  27. All Around the World [*]
  28. Letter from My Darling [*]
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