Album Review

After working with such stars as George Benson, the Four Tops, and James Taylor, keyboardist Clifford Carter releases his debut album with nice results. Five of the 12 compositions, including the title track, feature the artist as a surprisingly proficient vocalist and lyricist. His poppier tunes are pleasant. The instrumental tracks are above-average fusion tunes with excellent accompaniment by some of the best musicians in the biz, including his bandmates from the group Elements. Given the legends that he has worked with, it should be no surprise that Clifford Carter is equally adept at both pop and fusion music, and Walkin' Into the Sun is a fine showcase for his talents.
Tim Griggs, Rovi

Track Listing

  1. Wave Train
  2. Walkin' into the Sun
  3. As One
  4. Truth
  5. Raindance
  6. Joni
  7. Homeward
  8. Nothin' Left to Do
  9. Overhead
  10. Robots in the Jungle
  11. Caves of Kalalau
  12. Mashed Potato Nothin', Pt. 1