Hot Productions
Electronica, Club/Dance

Album Review

This Hot Productions' reissue is a little more mainstream than their debut, which Hot Productions has also reissued. Vocalists Hilda Harris, Vivian Cherry, Yolanda McCullough, and Helene Miles are pleasing throughout this even set. Producer Pepe Luis Soto ditched his production partner Tato Rossi for this effort, and wrote all the songs. "Love Is On My Mind," one of the most interesting songs, includes unique vocals and rhythms that balloon it high above the rest of these tracks.
Andrew Hamilton, Rovi

Track Listing

  1. You've Got Magic
  2. Music in the Air
  3. Midnite Gossip
  4. Love Is on My Mind
  5. Dancing Vibrations
  6. Coconut Groove
  7. Peel a Banana