Thirsty Ear
Pop/Rock, Industrial, Alternative/Indie Rock

Album Review

Foetus main-man Jim Thirlwell joins with fellow tortured soul Roli Mosimann, (formerly of the Swans) for the one-off project Wiseblood. As expected this union produces the noisy, industrial sound and ponderous lyrics both men are noted for. Fans of either band should enjoy this 1986 album.
Jonathan Ball, Rovi

Track Listing

  1. Prime Gonzola
  2. O-O (Where Evil Dwells)
  3. Stumbo
  4. Someone Drowned in My Pool
  5. Godbrain
  6. The Fudge Punch
  7. Motorslug
  8. Stumbo [12" Version]
  9. Death Rape 2000
  10. Someone Drowned in My Pool [12" Version]

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