May 24, 2011
Eagle Rock
Blues, Modern Electric Blues, Blues-Rock

Album Review

Capturing a homecoming gig for the conquering hero, Live at Grossman's 1994 finds blues-rocker Jeff Healey returning to a favorite club. Looking back, it’s easy to see that Healey was between stages: his most popular albums were just behind him and the years of him carving out a niche as a working bluesman who dabbled in jazz were ahead of him. Here, he was performing with the velocity and volume of a blues-rocker at his peak, invigorated by an intimate setting where he could just play, not worrying about throwing in “Angel Eyes” or “I Think I Love You Too Much.” The result is a set where he salutes his idols -- Clapton, Elmore James, Albert King, Howlin’ Wolf, Hendrix, even the Beatles via an excellent “Yer Blues” -- and it’s one of his purest and best records as a straight-ahead blues-rocker.
Stephen Thomas Erlewine, Rovi

Track Listing

  1. I'm Going Home
  2. Killing Floor
  3. As the Years Go Passing By
  4. Ain't That Just Like a Woman
  5. Yer Blues
  6. Who's Been Talking
  7. Crossroads
  8. Dust My Broom
  9. All Along the Watchtower