August 09, 2011
XXL Media
Pop/Rock, Country-Rock, Contemporary Pop/Rock

Album Review

Recorded live in studio in 1991 in the U.K. for a local radio station, this intimate six-song set features a solo, acoustic Neil Young delivering wonderfully balanced and relaxed versions of "Harvest Moon" (on guitar), "Long May You Run" (on harmonium), and "After the Goldrush" (on piano), as well as a penetrating acoustic guitar version of "Ambulance Blues." It was broadcast live at the time, so the sound is professional and solid, making this set a real treat for Neil Young fans and collectors.
Steve Leggett, Rovi

Track Listing

  1. Last Trip to Tulsa
  2. Long May You Run
  3. Harvest Moon
  4. After the Goldrush
  5. Ambulance Blues
  6. Heart of Gold