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Pop/Rock, Hard Rock, Album Rock

Album Review

The news that Neil Young is recording with Crazy Horse usually means that fans are in for a superior, rocking effort. Not this time. Young could have written the songs in an afternoon (one consists of the repeated lines, "Got mashed potato / Ain't got no t-bone") and recorded them that night. Raggedness is what one looks for in a Neil Young/Crazy Horse release, but not toss-offs. This is mere product.
William Ruhlmann, Rovi

Track Listing

  1. Op-er-a Star
  2. Surf-er Joe and Moe the Sleaze
  3. T-Bone
  4. Get Back on It
  5. South-ern Pac-i-fic
  6. Mo-tor Cit-y
  7. Rap-id Tran-sit
  8. Shots
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