Lovely Music
Avant-Garde, Process-Generated

Album Review

Derived from the score "Neural Synthesis Plus," used to accompany Merce Cunningham's dance Enter. The primary electronic instrument employed in the piece is a synthesizer with 64 non-linear amplifiers (metaphorical neurons) with 10,240 programmable interconnections, emulating neuron cells in the human brain and capable of processing many analog signals in parallel. Sound oscillators are created by connecting 16 of the 64 "neurons" in feedback circuits, with tank circuits to control their frequencies. During a performance, Tudor chooses up to 14 channels of output, further modifying them with other electronic devices, while he also listens, learns patterns (heuristically), and responds and modifies his actions. In this recording, Tudor uses a new binaural technique for translating sound into out-of-head localizations, seeming to surround the listener. For all this technology, the results still reflect Tudor's love of simple sounds that are full of character and often drolly humorous, even if not identifable in any ordinary context.
"Blue" Gene Tyranny, Rovi

Track Listing

  1. No. 6 [Binaural]
  2. No. 7 [Binaural]
  3. No. 8 [Stereo]
  4. No. 9 [Stereo]