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Album Review

The aptly named Do You Like My Tight Sweater? slinks and bounces on a funky backbone of fat basslines and innovative beats that support singer Roisin Murphy's sly, theatrical vocals and lyrics. Part catwoman, part droid, her singing ranges from a knowing purr to an androgynous growl and creates characters like party weirdos, dominatrixes, killer bunnies, and ghosts. As dramatic as her vocals are, however, Murphy is an antidiva; her musical surroundings equal her singing in importance. The other half of Do You Like My Tight Sweater?'s individuality comes from Mark Brydon's arrangements, which combine fluid tempos, sudden breakbeats, witty sound effects, and unearthly keyboards in sci-fi grooves that appeal to the brain and body. Standout tracks like "Fun for Me," "I Can't Help Myself," "Lotus Eaters," and "Party Weirdo" mix sensuality, technology, funk, and electronica in a unique and stylish blend. While some of the sillier songs like "On My Horsey" and "Dirty Monkey" disrupt the flow of Do You Like My Tight Sweater?, the danceable creativity of Moloko's debut overrides its quirks.
Heather Phares, Rovi

Track Listing

  1. Fun for Me
  2. Tight Sweater
  3. Day for Night
  4. I Can't Help Myself
  5. Circus
  6. Lotus Eaters
  7. On My Horsey
  8. Dominoid
  9. Party Weirdo
  10. Tubeliar
  11. Ho Humm
  12. Butterfly 747
  13. Dirty Monkey
  14. Killa Bunnies
  15. Boo
  16. Where Is the What If the What Is in Why?
  17. Who Shot the Go Go Dancer?
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