August 08, 2011
Pop/Rock, Hardcore Punk, Heavy Metal, Punk Revival, Post-Grunge, Rap-Metal, Punk-Pop, Punk/New Wave, Alternative/Indie Rock

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Track Listing

  1. Blackout!/id450289741?uo=5&at=11l9vR
  2. Nothing To Lose!/id450289741?uo=5&at=11l9vR
  3. She Don't Wanna Rock!/id450289741?uo=5&at=11l9vR
  4. Ricky Bobby!/id450289741?uo=5&at=11l9vR
  5. Get Nice!!/id450289741?uo=5&at=11l9vR
  6. The Joke's On You!/id450289741?uo=5&at=11l9vR
  7. Nudist Priest!/id450289741?uo=5&at=11l9vR
  8. Galileo Was Wrong!/id450289741?uo=5&at=11l9vR
  9. Truck Stops and Tail Lights!/id450289741?uo=5&at=11l9vR
  10. I'm Definitely Not Gonna Miss You!/id450289741?uo=5&at=11l9vR
  11. Too Bored To Bleed!/id450289741?uo=5&at=11l9vR
  12. Kiss Your Ass Goodbye!/id450289741?uo=5&at=11l9vR
  13. This is Gonna Hurt You Way More Than It's Gonna Hurt Me!/id450289741?uo=5&at=11l9vR
  14. Demon Days!/id450289741?uo=5&at=11l9vR
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