July 25, 1995
Alert (Canada)
Pop/Rock, Hard Rock, Pop

Album Review

Canadian rock vocalist/guitarist Kim Mitchell is arguably best known in his own country, both as a member of Max Webster and a solo artist. Released in 1995, Greatest Hits collects 17 tracks in a variety of permutations -- hits, live recordings, new recordings of older songs, brand-new songs, and one Max Webster cut. The gifted Mitchell's best-known song, the undeniably catchy singalong rocker "Go for Soda," dented the lower reaches of the U.S. singles chart in 1984. It's featured on Greatest Hits, of course, as are two very short, live, alternately titled snippets of the song -- for no apparent reason. Rush fanatics are bound to appreciate this collection since it includes the dramatically jagged Max Webster song "Battle Scar" (from 1980's Universal Juveniles), on which Geddy Lee, Alex Lifeson, and Neil Peart all perform. The other songs best capturing Mitchell's clever songwriting and melodic guitar work are "Rock N Roll Duty," "That's the Hold," "Rocklandwonderland," "Easy to Tame," the live "All We Are," the new version of "Patio Lanterns," and "World's Such a Wonder."
Bret Adams, Rovi

Track Listing

  1. Transcendental Soda
  2. Rock N Roll Duty
  3. That's the Hold
  4. Go for Soda
  5. No More Walking Away [New Song]
  6. Lager and Ale (New Recording)
  7. Rocklandwonderland
  8. Easy to Tame
  9. Rainbow [New Song]
  10. All We Are
  11. Patio Lanterns (New Recording)
  12. Acrimony
  13. World's Such a Wonder
  14. Expedition Sailor [The Other Version]
  15. Battle Scar
  16. I Am a Wild Party [Live]
  17. Hare Soda