November 01, 2011
Eagle Rock Entertainment
Blues, Modern Electric Blues, Blues-Rock

Album Review

Jeff Healey was an astounding and varied talent as a singer, guitarist, and, later in his career, as a trumpet player, and it's difficult to imagine an artist quite like him. Blind from eye cancer since the age of one, he drew attention as a maverick guitar player (he played his Stratocaster on his lap, which allowed him to attack and bend the strings in a totally unique style; at his best, he roared and soared as well as anybody ever has on the instrument). This four-disc set (three CDs and a DVD) features Healey and his crackerjack band live in three separate concerts, and it makes clear what a powerful and empowering performer he was on-stage. The first disc catches the Jeff Healey Band blazing through an 11-song set at the 1989 Montreal Jazz Festival, with the second disc capturing a set from the St. Gallen Open Air Festival in Switzerland from 1991 (the performance was filmed and makes up the DVD included here), and the third disc presents a 1995 stage set from the Hard Rock in Toronto. These live shows reveal the obvious: the Jeff Healey Band was an explosive and exciting blues rock bar band (much like the role they played in the movie Roadhouse) with a maverick virtuoso guitarist at the center of things. It worked in the movie. It worked pretty much everywhere.
Steve Leggett, Rovi

Track Listing

  1. The Better It Gets
  2. I'm Tore Down
  3. My Little Girl
  4. Blue Jean Blues
  5. Confidence Man
  6. I Need to Be Loved
  7. When the Night Comes Falling from the Sky
  8. Angel Eyes
  9. Roadhouse Blues
  10. Hide Away
  11. That's What They Say
  12. My Little Girl
  13. Blue Jean Blues
  14. I Think I Love You Too Much
  15. How Long Can a Man Be Strong
  16. I Can't Get My Hands on You
  17. Full Circle
  18. Angel Eyes
  19. Guitar Solo
  20. See the Light
  21. While My Guitar Gently Weeps
  22. I Got a Line on You
  23. Stop Breakin' Down Blues
  24. As the Years Go Passing By
  25. Yer Blues
  26. Stuck in the Middle with You
  27. Evil (Is Going On)
  28. Angel
  29. See the Light
  30. My Little Girl
  31. Blue Jean Blues
  32. I Think I Love You Too Much
  33. How Long Can a Man Be Strong
  34. I Can't Get My Hands on You
  35. Full Circle
  36. Angel Eyes
  37. Guitar Solo
  38. See the Light
  39. While My Guitar Gently Weeps