Journeys By DJ
Electronica, Techno, House, Trip-Hop, Club/Dance

Album Review

Although this mixed CD is a compilation of material by numerous different artists (from Harold Budd to Dillinja, Joanna Law to the Jedi Knights), only some of which are Coldcut's own, it's an ample illustration of the sort of freestyle approach to composition the pair helped popularize. The group jump from style to style at will, drawing out the connections between hip-hop, jungle, techno, electro, ambient, and beyond, with first-rate mixing and turntable work.
Sean Cooper, Rovi

Track Listing

  1. Bola
  2. Street Beats, Vol. 2
  3. One Blood
  4. Jam on Revenge (The Wikki Wikki Song)
  5. Extreme Possibilities [Wagon Christ Remix]
  6. King Ashabanapal [Dillinja Mix]
  7. Noddy Holder
  8. Fuk
  9. Mo Beats
  10. Manganese in Deep Violet
  11. African Drug
  12. If There Was No Gravity
  13. Beats and Pieces
  14. Greedy Beat
  15. The Music Maker
  16. Find a Way [Acapella]
  17. King of the Beats
  18. Mag
  19. Blood Vibes [Kenny Dope Mix]
  20. Trumpet Riff
  21. Luke Slater's 7th Plain
  22. First Time I Ever Saw Your Face
  23. Balthus Bemused
  24. Into the 90's
  25. The Bridge Is Over
  26. Nu Blud
  27. Friendly Pressure [Acapella]
  28. Freshmess [Bandulu Mix]
  29. Message from Our Sponsor
  30. Unify
  31. Again Son
  32. Hot Flush
  33. Theme from Dr. Who
  34. Free
  35. The Dusk