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Jazz, Bluegrass, Fusion, Progressive Bluegrass

Album Review

Live Art is a double-disc, 20-track anthology of live performances by Béla Fleck & the Flecktones, spanning four years in the mid-'90s. The song selections cover the group's entire career, ranging from new arrangements of several of classics to covers and seven previously unrecorded originals. There are a couple of vocals on the record, but the core of the album is Fleck & the Flecktones' dynamite instrumental improvisations, where they can demonstrate the true range of their eclecticism and talent. Of special note are the songs that feature jams with Branford Marsalis, Chick Corea, and Bruce Hornsby, who help spur the Flecktones to new heights.
Thom Owens, Rovi

Track Listing

  1. Intro
  2. New South Africa
  3. Stomping Grounds
  4. Lochs of Dread
  5. Bigfoot
  6. Far East Medley: Dreaming in the Gobi/Lawiswis Kawayan/Arrirang
  7. Flying Saucer Dudes
  8. UFO Tofu
  9. Libation, the Water Ritual (Interlude)
  10. Vix 9
  11. The Message
  12. Improv/Amazing Grace
  13. Shubbee's Doobie
  14. Oh! Darling
  15. Blu-Bop
  16. Sunset Road
  17. More Luv
  18. Early Reflection/Bach/The Ballad of Jed Clampett
  19. Cheeseballs in Cowtown
  20. Sinister Minister
  21. Flight of the Cosmic Hippo [Unplugged Version]
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