Black Sheep Records
Pop/Rock, Power Pop

Album Review

This excellent reissue of the Toms' self-titled 1979 debut adds seven unissued tracks alongside such sparkling pop gems as "Let's Be Friends Again," "Other Boys Do" and "It's Needless"; a minor classic of the power pop genre, the album deserves its rightful place next to the work of the Shoes, 20/20, and the Beat.
Jason Ankeny, Rovi

Track Listing

  1. Let's Be Friends Again
  2. You Must Have Crossed My Mind
  3. It's Needless
  4. Other Boys Do
  5. The Door
  6. Wasn't That Love in Your Eyes
  7. I Did the Wrong Thing
  8. Hook
  9. The Flame
  10. Better Than Anyone Else
  11. Think About Me
  12. The Bear
  13. Passport to Heaven
  14. I Can Go Now
  15. If I Am Dreaming
  16. Trap
  17. Liverpool Girls
  18. You Put Me up to This
  19. I Cannot Spot You
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