June 24, 2012
Pop/Rock, Rock & Roll, Gospel, Traditional Country, Cowboy, Country-Pop, Rockabilly, Country-Folk, Country Gospel

Album Review

Johnny Cash was a lot of things. He sang country, he sang gospel, he sang folk songs, protest songs, humorous songs, love songs, and he sang outlaw songs, too, and for all his status as a true American icon, he was always a bit of a maverick at heart. Everything that went into making him the legend he became is on display in this playlist, drawn from his two most successful albums, 1968's Johnny Cash at Folsom Prison and 1969's Johnny Cash at San Quentin.
Steve Leggett, Rovi

Track Listing

  1. I Got Stripes [Live]
  2. The Prisoner's Song [Live at Osteraker Prison, Sweden, October 3, 1972] [Li
  3. The Wall [Live]
  4. 25 Minutes to Go [Live]
  5. San Quentin [Live]
  6. Starkville City Jail [Live]
  7. Jacob Green [Live]
  8. Orleans Parish Prison [Live]
  9. City Jail [Live]
  10. Folsom Prison Blues [Live]
  11. Give My Love to Rose [Live]
  12. Greystone Chapel [Live]