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Album Review

Continuing a downward slide in quality, Greatest Hits, Vol. 4 is the final volume of original Warner Brothers albums reissued for CD by Laserlight. Like the previous three installments, this disc also includes six bonus tracks. Spanning 1965 to 1981, some interesting guests are featured: The Swingle Singers, Anita Kerr, Zamfir, and Rock Hudson, the last of whom joins in on a miserable duet version of "Love of the Common People." The modest highlights include a reprise of "Soldiers Who Want to Be Heroes" and the swinging "Ain't You Glad You're Livin' Joe?"
Greg Adams, Rovi

Track Listing

  1. The Importance of the Rose
  2. If You Go Away
  3. Trashy
  4. Gifts from the Sea
  5. Sleep Warm [*]
  6. April People
  7. Moment to Moment
  8. The Port of Amsterdam
  9. Homeward [*]
  10. The Lonely Things
  11. Jean
  12. Soldiers Who Want to Be Heroes
  13. Blessings of the Day
  14. Cowboys/Cheyenne
  15. Toward the Unknown [*]
  16. Ain't You Glad You're Livin' Joe?
  17. Every Loner Has to Go Alone [*]
  18. And to Each Season
  19. Love of the Common People [*]
  20. Winter in America [*]