June 15, 2012

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Track Listing

  1. Thanks for the Memory [Instrumental]
  2. A Ballad [Instrumental]
  3. Louise [Instrumental]
  4. Gone With the Wind [Instrumental]
  5. Where or When [Instrumental]
  6. Yesterdays [Instrumental]
  7. Summertime [Instrumental]
  8. Let's Fall in Love [Instrumental]
  9. The Folks Who Live On the Hill [Instrumental]
  10. Tenderly/Autumn in New York/East of the Sun/I Can't Get Started [Instru
  11. Serenade in Blue [Instrumental]
  12. Moonlight in Vermont [Instrumental]
  13. Too Close for Comfort [Instrumental]
  14. Bronx Blues [Instrumental]
  15. You're Blasé [Instrumental]