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Album Review

Just getting into Kuepper? The place to start is Sings His Greatest Hits for You, a 1992-1995 collection which picks up where his first best-of, The Butterfly Net (1986-1992), released here on Restless, left off, since only five of its 15 songs are on both collections. In fact, if you pick up both, you'll have a succinct intro to his first nine LPs. On Sings His, don't miss Serene Machine's "Sleepy Head," Character Assassination's "La Di Doh," and Black Ticket Day's "It's Lunacy."
Jack Rabid, Rovi

Track Listing

  1. The Way I Make You Feel
  2. Pissed Off
  3. Real Wild Life
  4. If I Had a Ticket
  5. Sleepyhead
  6. This Hideous Place
  7. La Di Doh
  8. It's Lunacy
  9. Highway to Hell
  10. I'm With You
  11. Black Ticket Day
  12. Everything I've Got Belongs to You
  13. Confessions in Paradise [*]
  14. I Wish You Were Here
  15. Sad Dark Eyes [*]
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