May 13, 1997
K Records
Pop/Rock, Alternative Pop/Rock, Indie Rock, Lo-Fi, Alternative/Indie Rock, Noise Pop, Emo

Album Review

Produced by Calvin Johnson, The Fruit That Ate Itself possesses a leaner and meaner sound than earlier Modest Mouse releases -- the emphasis here is less on noise than groove, and the spare, edgy approach of cuts like "Dirty Fingernails" and the title track recalls the goofy indie-funk of Dub Narcotic Sound System and other likeminded Johnson-helmed projects.
Jason Ankeny, Rovi

Track Listing

  1. [Untitled Track]
  2. Untitled
  3. The Waydown
  4. The Waydown
  5. [Untitled Track]
  6. Dirty Fingernails
  7. Dirty Fingernails
  8. Untitled
  9. Sunspots in the House of the Last Scapegoat
  10. Sunspots in the House of the Late Scapegoat
  11. The Fruit That Ate Itself
  12. The Fruit That Ate Itself
  13. Summer
  14. [Untitled Track]
  15. Summer
  16. Untitled
  17. Karma's Payment
  18. Karma's Payment