May 16, 1996
Vaccination Records
Pop/Rock, Heavy Metal, Alternative Pop/Rock, Industrial, House, Post-Punk, Sound Sculpture, Experimental, Alternative/Indie Rock, Experimental Rock, Indie Rock, Funk Metal

Album Review

An excellent tribute to the Residents released by California's Vaccination Records, this collection features reworks and covers by artists who stay faithful to the spirit of Residents' pomp and wackiness. It's a who's-who cast of underground, indie, and all-around under-appreciated eclectic artists, such as Only a Mother, Thinking Fellers Union Local 282, Snakefinger, Shakin Ray Levis, Splatter Trio, Idiot Flesh, and Amy Denio, as well as the not-at-all-underground rock bands Cracker and Primus. Fans of the Residents, and irreverent music in general, will definitely enjoy this entertaining and varied set of loving renditions.
Joslyn Layne, Rovi

Track Listing

  1. Mahagony Wood
  2. Bach Is Dead
  3. Time's Up
  4. Everyone Comes to the Freak Show
  5. Constantinople/What Could the Matter Be
  6. Electrocutioner
  7. Firefly Vinegar
  8. 6 Things to a Cycle, Pt. 1 [Chew, Chew Gum]
  9. Act of Being Polite/N-Err-Gee
  10. Sinister Exaggerator/Hell No!
  11. Eva's Warning
  12. Won't You Keep Us Working?
  13. Voices in the Air
  14. Shutup, Shutup
  15. Moisture
  16. Walrus Hunt/Lord It's Lonely
  17. Smelly Tongues
  18. You Yes Yes Yes You
  19. You Yes Yes Yes You (Reprise)
  20. Red Rider
  21. Santa Dog
  22. 6 Things to a Cycle, Pt. 2 [Good Good Coffee]
  23. Their Early Years
  24. Blue Rosebuds
  25. Boo Who?
  26. Nice Skinny Sinister Old Man
  27. No One Laughs When They Leave
  28. Happy Home
  29. Hello Skinny Medly
  30. Excuse/Booker Teasegingerbread Man