May 20, 1997
Roadrunner Records
Pop/Rock, Industrial Metal, Progressive Metal, Alternative/Indie Rock, Industrial, Heavy Metal, Alternative Metal

Album Review

Fear Factory's second remix album, Remanufacture, continues the group's efforts to fuse death metal with techno and industrial sounds. The record's chief appeal will still lie with metal fans, but it's largely a success -- the soundscapes are widely varied, encompassing forays into goth rock, spacy ambient textures, and occasional snatches of melody, and the fusions work well enough that Burton C. Bell's vocals almost seem like intrusions on some tracks. Even if it doesn't quite command attention the whole way through, heavy metal listeners looking for a bridge into industrial and/or techno would do well to give Remanufacture a chance.
Steve Huey, Rovi

Track Listing

  1. Remanufacture (Demanufacture)
  2. National Panel Beating (Body Hammer)
  3. Genetic Blueprint (New Breed)
  4. Faithless (Zero Signal)
  5. Bionic Chronic
  6. Cloning Technology (Replica)
  7. Burn (Flashpoint)
  8. T-1000 (H-K)
  9. Machines of Hate (Self Bias Resistor)
  10. 21st Century Jesus (P*sschrist)
  11. Bound for Forgiveness (A Therapy for Pain)
  12. Refinery
  13. Remanufacture [Edited Version][Edit]