Magna Carta

Album Review

Shadow Gallery's self titled album clearly showed the band's style, despite being light on the production side. "The Dance of Fools," "Say Goodbye to the Morning," and "The Queen of the City of Ice," especially, show the progressive-rock songwriting style that would develop further. "Darktown"'s chorus has a surprising glam-rock sound, while "The Final Hour" is the most pure rock track on the album. For a debut album, Shadow Gallery is exceptional, showcasing the band's songwriting, playing and creativity. The only negative for this album is that the production leaves something to be desired.
David White, Rovi

Track Listing

  1. The Dance of Fools
  2. Darktown
  3. Mystified
  4. Questions at Hand
  5. The Final Hour
  6. Say Goodbye to the Morning
  7. The Queen of the City of Ice
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