January 13, 1998
Chain Reaction
Electronica, Ambient Techno, Ambient, Techno, Experimental Techno, Minimal Techno, Club/Dance, IDM, Electronica

Album Review

The third in Chain Reaction's metal box series is a Various Artists collection that compiles edits of material from 1996's No. 1-7 EP plus full tracks from the "Resilient" and "Erosion" singles. The No. 1-7 inclusions showcase Profrock's blueprint for dubby techno: clipped, distant four-four beats and reverbed, clanging percussion. It's an aesthetic that hardly varies from track to track; in fact, the only differences come with the use of lighter or heavier filters. Toward the end, the beautiful, practically beatless tracks "Resilient 1.2" and "Erosion 3" offer a bit more than just variations on a theme, with rhythms of several whispered-noise effects that create a chilling, trance-state atmosphere.
John Bush, Rovi

Track Listing

  1. No. 4 (Delayed Intro)
  2. No. 5 (Delayed)
  3. No. 6 (Credit)
  4. No. 7 (Balance)
  5. No. 3 (Debit)
  6. Erode
  7. Melted
  8. Erosion 2
  9. Resilent 1.2
  10. Erosion 3
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