January 13, 1998
Green Linnet
World, Celtic, Singer/Songwriter, Appalachian, British Folk, Contemporary Instrumental, Contemporary Celtic, Traditional Celtic, Ethnic Fusion, Celtic New Age, Irish Folk, Contemporary Folk, Contemporary Singer/Songwriter, Traditional Irish Folk, Traditional Scottish Folk, Celtic Fusion, North American Traditions, Celtic Folk

Album Review

Part of what makes this two-disc set so great is the fact that it lists for the price of a single disc (say what you like about quality trumping quantity- for fifteen bucks you ought to expect some quantity). But the other part of what makes this album a solid winner is, in fact, the consistently high quality it maintains throughout its 30 tracks. There are simply no clunkers here: it opens strongly with the sweet and melancholy "Ready for the Storm" by Deanta, followed immediately by a set of sprightly barn dances by the formidable American band Cherish the Ladies. And the album proceeds from strength to strength. There are particular high points: Niamh Parsons and Fran McPhail deliver a hair-raisingly beautiful rendition of a Tom Waits (!) composition called "The Briar and the Rose," June Tabor makes her typical gritty magic with the superb accompaniment of Martin Simpson on "Unicorns," and Capercaillie delivers "Soraidh Bhuam gu Barraidh" in a glow of ethereal wonder. If it makes you feel extra good to know that the performers here are primarily women, great, but the fact that this album has gender promotion as its partial goal, is, frankly, largely irrelevant to the musical experience. Which is spectacular.
Rick Anderson, Rovi

Track Listing

  1. Ready for the Storm
  2. Joe Ryan's Barn Dance Set
  3. The Briar and the Rose
  4. McFarley's/Mill Na Máidí
  5. Fisherman's Dream
  6. Air Tune, the/Cliff Dwellers, the/Cutting the Waves
  7. Puirt a Beul
  8. Jack Haggerty
  9. Cat's Meow/Partners in Crime
  10. Lord Mayo
  11. Siúil a Rún
  12. Calum Breugach/The Devil in the Kitchen/Muileann Dubh/Sandy Cameron
  13. The Flower of Magherally
  14. The New Land
  15. Mouth of the Tobique
  16. When Barney Flew over the Hills
  17. Clohinne Winds
  18. The Okarina/The Tatoo
  19. Two Days to Go
  20. The Sister's Reel/Wynding the Hay
  21. Neansaí Mhíle Gra
  22. The Band of Shearers
  23. Jimmy Lyons'/Leslie's Reel
  24. Unicorns
  25. The Humours of Drinagh/Down the Back Lane
  26. Soraidh Bhaum Gu Barraidh
  27. The Pipers
  28. Invisible Wings/Faoileán
  29. Lament for Staker Wallace
  30. My Own Native Land