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Album Review

For nearly ten years, lead singer/guitarist Tom Cochrane had led the band Red Rider as they delivered their melodic, north-of-the-border take on American, heartland rock. The 1999 release Victory Day is a fairly good representation of the quintet. Driving rockers like the title track and "Calling America" are mixed with more stripped-down cuts like "Good Times." Cochrane gives voice to his often socially conscious lyrics in a voice that is effective when he belts them out or delivers them in more hushed tones. The songs are consistently engaging, if occasionally pedestrian. However, most of Victory Day is better-than-average '80s AO, and, as usual, the band does include one gem with "Big League." Based on a true story, it tells the tragic tale of a promising hockey player (and Red Rider fan) who was killed in a car accident. Its thought-provoking lyric and the band's bracing performance managed to click well enough to make it a minor radio hit.
Tom Demalon, Rovi

Track Listing

  1. Big League
  2. Victory Day
  3. Sons Beat Down
  4. Different Drummer
  5. Good Times
  6. Saved by the Dawn [Instrumental]
  7. Calling America
  8. Vacation (In My Mind)
  9. Good Man (Feeling Bad)
  10. Not So Far Away
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