March 31, 1998
Pop/Rock, Alternative Metal, Alternative Pop/Rock, Post-Grunge, Heavy Metal, Alternative/Indie Rock

Album Review

Fuel's major-label debut finds the Pennsylvanian band turning out an engaging set of post-alternative rock. Drawing from a variety of sources, from grunge and punk to '70s hard rock, the group has a promising sound that ripples with strength. Like many young bands, they have some trouble writing catchy, memorable songs, but there's enough style and individuality within their sound to suggest their potential.
Stephen Thomas Erlewine, Rovi

Track Listing

  1. [Untitled]
  2. Shimmer
  3. Bittersweet
  4. Sunburn
  5. Jesus or a Gun
  6. New Thing
  7. It's Come to This
  8. Song for You
  9. Mary Pretends
  10. Ozone
  11. Hideaway
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