May 04, 1998
Phantom Import Distribution
Pop/Rock, Alternative/Indie Rock, Indie Rock, Trip-Hop, Electronica, Indie Pop

Album Review

Lacking the kaleidoscopic ambience of Mark's Keyboard Repair, Money Mark's second album, Push the Button, is a more cohesive affair than its predecessor. That doesn't mean it sticks to one style, either. Mark runs tries his hand at jazz, soul, funk, pop, and even ballads over the course of Push the Button, but where the sheer brevity of the numerous songs on Keyboard Repair made it seem like a colorful sketchbook, the songs here form a greater work. Not only has he taken the time to connect the songs, he also has decided to sing, adding further depth and color to his funky palette. While his vocals are a little flat, they fit the laid-back vibe of the record, and on occasion, they really connect. Propelled by a relaxed shuffle and jazzy organ, "Hand in Your Head" is a gem of a summer single, and "Rock in the Rain" and "Maybe I'm Dead" aren't far behind, either. It may be removed from the lo-fi soul-jazz miniatures of Keyboard Repair, but Push the Button has a real soulful charm of its own -- one that's equally seductive.
Stephen Thomas Erlewine, Rovi

Track Listing

  1. Push the Button
  2. Too Like You
  3. Monkey Dot
  4. Tomorrow Will Be Like Today
  5. Poor Shakes
  6. Bossa Nova 101
  7. Rock in the Rain
  8. Crowns
  9. All the People
  10. Underneath It All
  11. I Don't Play Piano
  12. Destroyer
  13. Hand in Your Head
  14. Trust
  15. Maybe I'm Dead
  16. Dha Teen Ta
  17. PowerHouse
  18. Harmonics of Life
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