June 16, 1998
Pop/Rock, Alternative Pop/Rock, Alternative CCM, CCM, Punk-Pop, Alternative/Indie Rock, Contemporary Christian, Christian Punk, Christian Rock

Album Review

MxPx made the leap to the major leagues in 1998 with Slowly Going the Way of the Buffalo, their first album for A&M Records. The switch to the majors really doesn't make a difference, to tell the truth -- the group turns out another set of speedy, raucous punk-pop numbers that are fueled as much by attitude as songwriting. There's plenty of filler, but the record moves so quickly, it doesn't hurt the album, especially since the good songs do work their hooks into your brain. Listeners who don't care for late-'90s retro-punk won't have their minds changed by Slowly Going the Way of the Buffalo, but anyone who's followed MxPx or has a fondness for post-Green Day indie punk-pop will enjoy the record.
Stephen Thomas Erlewine, Rovi

Track Listing

  1. Under Lock and Key
  2. Tomorrow's Another Day
  3. The Final Slowdance
  4. I'm OK, You're OK
  5. Cold and All Alone
  6. Party, My House, Be There
  7. The Downfall of Western Civilization
  8. Invitation to Understanding
  9. Fist Vs. Tact
  10. What's Mine Is Yours
  11. Self Serving With a Purpose
  12. For Always
  13. Set the Record Straight
  14. Get With It
  15. Inches From Life
  16. The Theme Fiasco
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