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Reggae, Lovers Rock

Album Review

"It's the perfect situation for a love affair, let's take a chance baby, love is in the air...." And indeed it is, seeping deep into the grooves of this fabulous set. Deborahe Glasgow established her name in the London reggae scene, but it was this Jamaica-recorded eponymous album that made her name a legend. In Kingston, producer Augustus "Gussie" Clarke treated the English singer like royalty, overseeing what many critics still acclaim as the best lovers rock album ever recorded. Clarke assembled his top studio talent for the set -- keyboardist Robbie Lyn and the Browne family (drummer Clevie, guitarist Dalton, and bassist Danny) -- and also brought in Brian and Tony Gold and J.C. Lodge to provide vocal backings. On "Perfect Situation," whose lyrics are quoted above, Clarke paired Glasgow with the always fabulous Beres Hammond on a flirty number that kindles into a grand romance. Hammond remains the master of soul, but Glasgow had a much lighter touch, an incredible sweetness, yet for all that, an emotional conviction that rang true on even the breeziest numbers. On "Don't Test Me" she shows there's steel under all her silkiness, while "Champion Lover" unearths the sultry siren hidden under the decorous satin dress of her album cover shot. Considering the state of the dancehalls in 1989, it's no surprise that these two tougher numbers were the hit singles, but it's her softer side that lingers across the rest of the set. It obviously won Clarke over, making him a changed man, as he softened his own militant production style in response to her own. There's an incredible lavishness to the album's sound, a brightness and a glossy atmosphere that swaddles even "Champion" and "Test." Every note sung and played within is flawless, each shined to a glittering gleam. For lovers, Glasgow was indeed their "Best Friend," and one who remains sadly missed.
Jo-Ann Greene, Rovi

Track Listing

  1. Give Me That Touch [Touch-Up Mix]
  2. Best Friend
  3. Perfect Situation [Perfect Mix]
  4. This Love
  5. Hooked on This Feeling
  6. Don't Test Me [Don't Test It Mix]
  7. Fantasy Becomes Reality
  8. I Know You're Cheating
  9. Champion Lover [Champion Mix]
  10. Unconditionally
  11. Champion Lover [The Sex Mix][*]
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