March 23, 1999
Country, Country-Pop, Country-Folk, Contemporary Country

Album Review

While the variety of producers and production styles makes for a rather choppy flow, this disc offers excellent proof of Beth Nielsen Chapman's considerable talents as both a singer and songwriter. While she is often associated with country-pop, her stylistic approach is closer to adult-oriented rockers like Sheryl Crow or Joan Armatrading. Indeed, tunes like "Life Holds On" and "Beyond the Blue" are emotionally resonant without slipping into pure sentimentality or cliché. A strong collection from an honest artist.
Tim Sheridan, Rovi

Track Listing

  1. Beyond the Blue
  2. Happy Girl
  3. Walk My Way
  4. All I Have
  5. Life Holds On
  6. The Color of Roses
  7. Emily
  8. When I Feel This Way
  9. I Keep Coming Back to You
  10. Sand and Water
  11. Years
  12. Say Goodnight
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