March 09, 1999
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Composers Nyman and Albarn use violin, Jew's harp, banjo, squeeze box, and chorus in their substantially successful effort to resurrect 18th Century music on this soundtrack. The music is fittingly loose and simple as to suggest it as an actual field recording from an actual 100-year-old army camp where cannibals linger. As a matter of fact, this collaboration between Blur's Damon Albarn and minimalist composer Nyman is so good in the authenticity area that maybe only an aficionado of 18th century music could really get into this. Certainly any Blur fans and even some Nyman fans are in for a surprise.
Tom Schulte, Rovi

Track Listing

  1. Hail Columbia
  2. Boyd's Journey
  3. Welcome to Fort Spencer
  4. Noises Off
  5. Stranger at the Window
  6. Colquhoun's Story
  7. Weendigo Myth
  8. Trek to the Cave
  9. He Was Licking Me
  10. The Cave
  11. Run
  12. Let's Go Kill That Bastard
  13. The Pit
  14. Ives Returns
  15. Cannibal Fantasy
  16. Game of Two Shoulders
  17. Checkmate
  18. Martha and the Horses
  19. Ives Torments Boyd and Kills Knox
  20. Manifest Destiny
  21. Saveoursoulissa
  22. End Titles