August 24, 1999
Tottally Independent
Rap, Gangsta Rap, Hardcore Rap

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Track Listing

  1. Intro [Featuring Pimpin Ken and J.D.]
  2. Purse First, Ass Last [Feat. Young Buck and Bun B (UGK)]
  3. Tell Me A Nigga
  4. We Gonna Make It [Feat. Shannon Sanders]
  5. Tru Soldiers [Feat. Papa Rue]
  6. Keep It Gangsta [Feat. Willie D (Geto Boys)]
  7. Hard Hitters [Feat. Young Buck and D-Tay]
  8. All My Life [Feat. Young Buck]
  9. Ridin On Dubs
  10. Cradle to the Grave [Feat. Jay O Felony]
  11. Child Of War
  12. Caught In The Wind [Feat. Young Buck and 50]
  13. Pray For Me [Feat. Joi]
  14. Riders [Skit by: Greg Street]
  15. Keep It PI [Feat. D-Smoov]
  16. Outro [Featuring Pimpin Ken and J.D.]
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