March 21, 2000
Big Wheel Recreation
Pop/Rock, Alternative/Indie Rock, Indie Rock, Emo

Album Review

Two steps behind anything of significance, Braid must've built up enough frustration to convince themselves that they could only be understood in a live environment, which would explain 2000's Lucky to Be Alive, Braid's fourth release and first live LP. Here the band had an unquestionable live desperation that translated well onto disc and they were a confident unit when hammering their style down to its basics, but the squall-heavy guitars and insecure percussion kept the band from exploring anything markedly better than their studio work. Without necessary variety, Lucky to Be Alive was one long extended note, old and new songs too difficult to differentiate, and again the band could only occasionally sound like Dressy Bessy, Rage Against the Machine, Placebo, and Spoon instead of one brilliant amalgamation of them.
Dean Carlson, Rovi

Track Listing

  1. Autobiography
  2. The New Nathan Detroits
  3. Killing a Camera
  4. Please Drive Faster
  5. Forever Got Shorter
  6. What a Wonderful Puddle
  7. Never Will Come for Us
  8. You're Lucky to Be Alive
  9. Grace Car
  10. A Dozen Roses
  11. Breathe In
  12. Milwaukee Sky Rocket
  13. Divers
  14. First Day Back
  15. I'm Afraid of Everything
  16. The Chandelier Swing
  17. Capricorn
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